About Us

From our Family to yours

Dr. Tyler Haderer and his wife and office manager, Amy, met taking classes at the University of Central Oklahoma in the Spring of 2010. They both had a true passion for health and wellness, which pushed them both to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. After college, they found work in various areas of health-including physical therapy, personal training and nutrition to further enhance their passion for health. 

Our Chiropractic Experience

 After graduating from UCO, Dr. Tyler Haderer started experiencing excruciating headaches. After months of trying to find an answer to his issues, a chiropractor encouraged him to try adjustments to take pressure off the nerves in his neck. Shortly after Dr. Tyler Haderer started getting adjusted regularly and saw the immense benefits in his body. He decided he wanted to enroll at Parker University to begin his journey as a chiropractor. 

Our Promise

We've seen the impact of good chiropractic care not only in ourselves, but in our family and friends. We want to be the resource of health and wellness to our community by educating the public on true health practices and helping people with improved functioning nervous systems.